NSF Talks

by Norwegian Spitfire Foundation

NSF Talks is a brand new series to dive deeper than ever before into the complexity of Norwegian Spitfire Foundation, our mission, and the various of people that are involved in helping us achieve our goals.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 9 April 1940 - Norways "Few"

    9 April 1940 - Norways "Few"

    Knut Åshammer and Tor Idar Larsen talks about the seven Gladiator pilots of 9 April 1940, and the dramatic build-up to Norways first aerial battle over their homeland.

  • NSF Talks - 332 Squadron leader Finn Thorsager

    NSF Talks - 332 Squadron leader Finn Thorsager

    Tor Idar Larsen and Knut Åshammer (NSF) talks about one of the prominent and well known Norwegian fighter pilots of World War Two, 332 Squadron leader Finn Thorsager.

  • NSF Talks - Tor Idar Larsen

    NSF Talks - Tor Idar Larsen

    Knut Åshammer talks to NSF board member Tor Idar Larsen about his earliest aviation memories, his idea of writing to veterans in the early 2000s, and the first steps into what would become a career in writing about historical aviation. Larsen also talks about his experience flying in the P-51 Mustang over Duxford and his thoughts on PL258 and the future of NSF.

  • NSF Talks - Espen Tjetland

    NSF Talks - Espen Tjetland

    Tor Idar Larsen talks to NSF board member Espen Tjetland about his first steps into the world of aviation and onwards to flying solo in a P-51 Mustang! Espen also talks about flying the Tiger Moth and the Chipmunk as well as his favorite aircraft - the Supermarine Spitfire. He shares his thoughts on both the Spitfire and the Mustang and compares the two. He even reveals his favorite mark of Spitfire! All this as well as an alarm that goes of - live - in this brand new podcast episode from NSF Talks!

  • NSF Talks - Lars Ness

    NSF Talks - Lars Ness

    Tor Idar Larsen talks to NSF founder and chairman Lars Ness about the recent fantastic news concerning the rebuild of Spitfire IX PL258. Lars also talks about his background and why he became interested in historic aviation. He shares his memories from flying the A-26 Invader and being part of the airshow scene in the 1990's. He also goes into detail about the origins of NSF and why NSF have become so successfull as well as our focus on the Norwegian fighter pilot and ground crews effort during WWII and why it's important to honor their memory.