S01 E03 - MRI scan advice

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

How i cured my fear of MRI scans and advice for others with a fear of them

Sep 30 2022

Hello and welcome to my third podcast. First thing I'd like to say is thank you to everyone
that's downloaded and listened. I'm still quite amazed. I mean, I look at my analytics
and it tells me I've had X amount of downloads or listens. I have to admit it's making me
feel quite proud that people are listening to what I've got to say. Yeah, so thank you.
Thank you all. With today, what I would like to talk about is something I've done a video
previously on YouTube for and also on my Instagram. But it's about MRI scans and how with myself
I've always been very, very scared of MRI scans to the point I just couldn't get through
them. Obviously going through my diagnosis, I needed MRI scan. They put me through a scan
at the time nobody knew what the problem was, but they took me in and I had t

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