S01 E04 - thoughts on open MRI scanners

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Some thoughts on open MRI scanners to help those that can't manage closed scanners and talking about how my weekend has been.

Oct 03 2022

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Hello and welcome to my fourth podcast. On today's podcast I want to talk about something

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that's gone through my head in regards to open MRI scanners. I'm also going to talk

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about how the weekend has been for me and where I currently am in regards to the pains

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and issues that I believe my MS is currently causing me. To the first point, in regards

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to the MRI scanners, obviously on my last podcast I talked about how I have managed

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to overcome my fear. Not everyone can do that. Not everyone is the same. So my little thought

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on that would be, would it not be worth act

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