S01 E02 - where I currently am with my MS

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

A Bio of myself and where I currently am with my MS.

Sep 27 2022

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Okay, here we go. My first proper podcast. The last one I did was, it was ripped from

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a video that I did on Facebook a little while ago. It was just explaining how the last 10

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years have gone and where we're up to now. With this, I think I'll do a proper introduction

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to myself. My name's Michael. I prefer Mike. So by all means, call me either or. Believe

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me, I've been called worse. I just think with this, I'm planning on doing a bit of talking

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and trying to get out in the world where I'm at currently with regards to my multiple sclerosis.

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On top of that, hopefully

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