S01 E01 - The start of my MS journey

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

The start of my journey with MS. This was a video for YouTube, I was then advised to create a podcast. Future episodes will be done with full effort towards proper podcasting.

Sep 24 2022

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Hello everyone, only me again. I'm going to do a bit of a different type video this one.

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I'm going to explain exactly what I've had going on over the last few years and how we've

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got to where we've got to. It's been a bit of a long road, I'll be totally honest with

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you. We started out about 10 years ago, come back from working down in the Olympics doing

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security and I come back and I had very numb feet which is a bit strange. I didn't really

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think much of it, I thought you know, is what it is. Probably somewhat silly so I ignored

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it for a really really really long

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