Melleefresh RadioExplicit

by Play Records

A semi-monthly podcast from electro dance diva Melleefresh, including some of her favourite dance tracks today and a selection of tracks from her own label, Play Records.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Melleefresh Radio 022: Springtime!


    Melleefresh Radio 022: Springtime!


    Hey babies! Melleefresh delivers a house/techno/tech house mix for Springtime with new tracks from Play Records artists, including Oleg Blaze (Russia), Hectic (UK), Jason Hersco (Canada), P3P (UK), Johnny Trombetta (USA), Robert Evans (UK), Hotboxx (USA) and some catalogue classics from Mellee, Alex G (Canada), Saladin (USA), deadmau5 (Canada), John Made (Italy), Tyler Kahn (USA), Emanuele Marini (Italy), and Bigtopo, Omar Diaz & DJ Geri (Spain).0:47 Melleefresh - Apparition (Alex G Ibiza Summertime Remix)4:31 Oleg Blaze - Everything Was Great (Original Mix)8:09 Melleefresh & Hectic - Push (Original Mix)11:39 Jason Hersco - Bailar (Original Mix)14:39 P3P - MAD (Club Mix)18:39 Johnny Trombetta - Hey, Mr. DJ (Club Mix)23:38 Robert Evans - Feelings (Original Mix)26:46 Hotboxx - All Love (Original Mix)31:01 Saladin - Twenty Below (Original Mix)36:31 deadmau5 - Desynchronized (John Made Remix)41:46 Tyler Kahn - Wanna Dance (Original Mix)45:01 Emanuele Marini - You Are Another One (Original Mix)48:46 Bigtopo & Omar Diaz vs Dj Geri - Keep The Bass (Original Mix)52:31 Melleefresh - Afterhours Redux (Original Mix)

  • Melleefresh Radio 021: New Year's Eve!


    Melleefresh Radio 021: New Year's Eve!


    Hey babies! Melleefresh lays down a disco/house/tech house mix for New Year's Eve 2023 with new tracks from Play Records, including Nightly Closures (Canada), Billy Newton-Davis & Kardano (Canada), Who Killed Alice (UK), DaGroove (Spain), Foomie (Japan), Rob Alexander (UK), ACT (Brazil), Elegant Producer (Brazil), Parker McFarland (USA), HGenius (Italy), Löök (Spain), Tom Glass (Poland), Ivory Coats (Australia), CHMI (Mexico), Turbo-D (Germany), Nesse J (USA), DVRKO (USA), and Tech Us Out (US/UK).0:59 Nightly Closures, Rock The DiscoTech5:29 Billy Newton-Davis & Kardano, Say It Like It Is (Melleefresh Remix)8:59 Who Killed Alice, Feel So Good12:44 DaGroove (ES), The One16:37 Foomie(JPN), I Can Still Go22:52 Rob Alexander UK, Take Me Away27:22 ACT Music Producer, Life's Funky31:14 Elegant Producer, Stay With Me34:45 Parker McFarland, Downtown38:37 HGenius, Down42:07 Löök, Energy47:14 Tom Glass, Faxing Berlin52:44 Ivory Coats, Let's Stay In56:32 CHMI, Keep It Going (Let's Go)1:00:22 Melleefresh, Hey Baby Redux (Alex Hart Remix)1:06:45 Turbo-D, How U Like It1:09:44 Nesse J, CNTRL1:13:14 DVRKO, Dem Jeans1:17:49 Tech Us Out ft Brueland, Reddington

  • Melleefresh Radio 020: Amsterdam!


    Melleefresh Radio 020: Amsterdam!


    Hey babies! Melleefresh lays down a techno/tech house mix for the Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 with new tracks from Play at ADE 2022, including CHMI (Mexico), Robert Evans (UK), Tyler Kahn (USA), Avilo & St. Sinny (USA), Passific Assalt Sissem (Mexico), Bluenoid (Belgium), Hectic (UK), Lionello (Lithuania), Frenzy Jones (Bulgaria), and Cav Eire (Ireland/UK).

  • Melleefresh Radio 019: Summer!


    Melleefresh Radio 019: Summer!


    Hey babies! Melleefresh caps off the Summer with a Melleefresh Radio mix that includes a sneak peak of her upcoming Hey Baby Redux, and a swath of bangers from the Play Records catalogue.- track list -00:00 Intro Bumper00:55 Melleefresh - Hey Baby Redux04:43 Karano & Marcus Carey - Copper 'n Gold (Extended Mix)08:45 Sam Steele ft PIOTR - Bottoms Up14:28 Mathey B - Gotta Get Down18:43 Billy Newton-Davis - Promised Land (Melleefresh Remix)23:43 Dvit Bousa - Behind The Love30:28 Greigless - Money36:32 NOHC - Find You42:10 Pete Foe - New King in Town47:02 S_PAT - Deep Waves49:47 Danny Jay & J. Tease ft Fabre - Expansions (2019 Ibiza Re-Edit)55:47 Sweet LA - Let You Go59:47 Tavares - Anthem (Extended Touch Mix)1:04:25 Saladin - Fire1:07:39 DJ Generous - Wonder Why (Dezza Dub Mix)1:11:55 Tech Us Out - The Architect1:18:02 Melleefresh & Dirty 30 - You're My Bitch

  • Melleefresh Radio 018: Pride!

    Melleefresh Radio 018: Pride!

    Hey babies! Melleefresh celebrates Pride month with a Melleefresh Radio mix that includes her latest release, A.D.I.D.A.S., and more recent releases from Play Records.- track list -00:00 Melleefresh - Intro 01800:48 Kardano & Tyra Jutai - Video Girl (Extended Mix)05:56 Kardano & Melleefresh - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Club Mix)10:55 Fazari - Benzino (Original Mix)14:13 Casey Austin - Limestone Passing (Original Mix)18:53 Siddharth - Moving To Houzy (Original Mix)23:40 Foomie - Devil Extermination (Original Mix)30:21 Jason Hersco - Hit Me Up (Original Mix)34:53 Frenzy Jones - Chick In A Row (Club Mix)39:23 Melleefresh - White, Trashy & Blonde (Melleefresh Techno Remix)43:25 Tech Us Out - The Pharmacist (Original Mix)48:42 Melleefresh - Extra 018