Episode notes

Hey babies! Melleefresh lays down a disco/house/tech house mix for New Year's Eve 2023 with new tracks from Play Records, including Nightly Closures (Canada), Billy Newton-Davis & Kardano (Canada), Who Killed Alice (UK), DaGroove (Spain), Foomie (Japan), Rob Alexander (UK), ACT (Brazil), Elegant Producer (Brazil), Parker McFarland (USA), HGenius (Italy), Löök (Spain), Tom Glass (Poland), Ivory Coats (Australia), CHMI (Mexico), Turbo-D (Germany), Nesse J (USA), DVRKO (USA), and Tech Us Out (US/UK).

0:59 Nightly Closures, Rock The DiscoTech

5:29 Billy Newton-Davis & Kardano, Say It Like It Is (Melleefresh Remix)

8:59 Who Killed Alice, Feel So Good

12:44 DaGroove (ES), The One

16:37 Foomie(JPN), I Can Still Go

22:52 Rob Alexander UK, Take Me Away

27:22 ACT Music Producer, Life's Funky

31:14 Ele ... 

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