Kaya Wellness Mind + Body Podcast

by Kelly Ayala

Kaya Wellness by Kelly was founded by me, Kelly Ayala experienced retreat leader, registered yoga teacher and mental health professional. On this podcast I will share wellness tips, practices and talks to support you on your healing journey. I knows how important and hard it is to maintain a personal wellness practice and I'm motivated to create a wellness space for all. My Health and Wellness Disclaimer: This podcast is for  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Working with Oracle Cards

    Working with Oracle Cards

    Working with oracle cards is a wellness practice I like to use to inspire and spark some curiosity. In this episode I work with one of my special decks to deliver an oracle message to you. Let's get inspired and curious together as we work with the Medicine Card Deck.

  • Mindful Meditation for Wellness

    Mindful Meditation for Wellness

    Starting my own mindful meditation practice was not easy. Partially because of the beliefs I had constructed about the practice. In this podcast I talk about myth of a mindful meditation practice and how to take steps to cultivate your own practice. Practice with me for a few minuets as we explore our own breath awareness.

  • Difficult Days


    Difficult Days


    Difficult days are inevitable. Today was one of those days for me. The people-pleaser and perfectionist part of me wanted to procrastinate and avoid facing this pain with you all. What a wellness journey has taught me is that 1. pain is a part of life and is unavoidable and 2. I have the resources to take loving action in the face of it. The truth is, this podcast was hard for me but I know there is no greater healing action than to be authentic and genuine with myself. In this podcast I talk about my pain process and identify several types of life pains that all of us will encounter. I also share with you how to build resiliency (not shame, push away of ignore) in the face of great pain. Transition is the breading ground of pain and a calling to take healing action. Let's develop wellness together.

  • Kaya Retreats with my co-host Stephanie Fowler

    Kaya Retreats with my co-host Stephanie Fowler

    Who's ready for a retreat? My soul-sister, best-friend and Kaya Wellness co-leader Stephanie Fowler, owner of Empowerhouse Gym in Edmond, OK joins me to share with you all our retreat experiences. In this episode we talk about what you can expect form a Kaya Wellness retreat, what we love most about retreats and their magical energy. Join us for this fun talk and manifest your wellness world through retreat.

  • Breath Awareness

    Breath Awareness

    Breath comes and goes freely. We really don't have to think about it at all. But what if we spent just a few moments creating a mind + Body relationship with it? Breath is one of the most accessible resources we have to support overall wellness. In this podcast I talk about primary, secondary and the belly breath. Learn how to access a nervous system regulator, the belly breath, and replace our old ideas of a deep breathing.