Difficult Days

Kaya Wellness Mind + Body Podcast by Kelly Ayala

Episode notes

Difficult days are inevitable. Today was one of those days for me. The people-pleaser and perfectionist part of me wanted to procrastinate and avoid facing this pain with you all. What a wellness journey has taught me is that 1. pain is a part of life and is unavoidable and 2. I have the resources to take loving action in the face of it. The truth is, this podcast was hard for me but I know there is no greater healing action than to be authentic and genuine with myself. In this podcast I talk about my pain process and identify several types of life pains that all of us will encounter. I also share with you how to build resiliency (not shame, push away of ignore) in the face of great pain. Transition is the breading ground of pain and a calling to take healing action. Let's develop wellness together.

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