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At RSS.com we believe in adapting with the times. Since our early days of hand-coding podcasts for distribution, we have seen the medium grow and change, and are honored to continue our mission of delivering the best podcast hosting service for our users.

Throughout the last quarter, we have been working hard to bring you the best features to make your life as a podcaster as easy as we possibly can. That said, here are some of the updates we’ve made in Q2 2022.

April 2022

The following are updates that were completed in April 2022:

  • New stats by location – in your podcast analytics dashboard you can now see where your listeners are tuning in by city and country. Not only can this help you cater your content to your audience, but it can be beneficial when creating reports/media kits to share with sponsors and advertisers. To help you in creating your reports, all stats can be exported in CSV/Excel format.
podcast stats by location RSS.com
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May 2022

The following are updates that were completed in May 2022:

rss.com features page

June 2022

The following are updates that were completed in June 2022: 

  • Added additional languages including Mexican Spanish, Armenian, and Maltese to our user dashboard allowing you to tell your audience the language you’re speaking on your podcast. This helps Apple, Google, Spotify, etc. add your shows to the podcast directories of that language.
RSS.com adds more languages
  • Improved Italian and Spanish translations.
  • Improved our search engine optimization within podcast RSS Feeds and SEO meta tags. 
  • Improved the speed at which public podcast websites and episodes load. 
  • Improved Geolocation map to provide more accurate reporting on which areas are downloading episodes.

podcast listeners by location RSS.com
We have many new exciting features that will be released in Q3 – stay tuned!

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