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RSS.com Enables Value 4 Value Bitcoin Payments



RSS.com has partnered with Alby to become the first podcast hosting company in the world to enable Value 4 Value payments in Bitcoin over the Lightning Network – a payment protocol layered on top of Bitcoin that streamlines payments for digital content.

This Podcasting 2.0 integration allows RSS.com podcasters to receive Bitcoin payments, create a Bitcoin Lightning wallet through Alby, and view their balance directly from their dashboards.

Payments to creators will be made using “boostagrams”, which are messages linked to payments using podcasts apps that support Value 4 Value.

RSS.com Co-Founder, Ben Richardson had this to say about the new integration “Our mission at RSS.com is to give a voice to everyone. With this Value 4 Value integration using Alby generated wallets on the Lightning Network, we are able to give podcast listeners a voice that speaks back directly to podcast creators. We are so excited at the potential this unlocks for everyone.”

This is one of the first real-world, end-to-end implementations of Value 4 Value, and is a milestone in Podcasting that demonstrates how the industry, powered by open RSS feeds, still has massive potential for innovation.

Value 4 Value payments are also the very first step towards offering a simple, open and viable way for fans and listeners to support our creators without the need for a paywall like Patreon, PayPal, etc.

Finally, and importantly, this technology is not owned by anyone. Just like the open and free nature of RSS feeds, RSS.com feels it important to allow the podcasters to “own” their wallets and keep the money they’ve earned separate from our hosting platform.

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