Q3 2022 RSS.com Product Updates

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It was another action-packed quarter at RSS.com! Here are some of the updates we made in Q3 2022.

July 2022

The following are updates that were completed in July 2022:

  • We deployed a hibernation status for users that want to take a short break from their podcasts
  • We implemented new integrations with software for a better customer experience from sign up to checkout
  • We partnered with Alby to enable Value 4 Value Bitcoin Payments so listeners can tip podcasters directly with boostagrams and support their favorite shows directly. 

August 2022

The following are updates that were completed in August 2022:

  • We improved our podcast analytics dashboard
  • Improved the user experience in our Value 4 Value payments
  • Improved the load times of podcast website pages
  • And we improved the mobile-friendliness of our website

September 2022

The following are updates that were completed in September 2022:

  • By popular demand, we created a “draft” option for podcast episodes. You can now load your episodes and save them as a draft or schedule them for future publication. And, if at any point you want to go ahead and publish an episode that is scheduled for a later date, our podcasters now have that  option.
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Coming Soon

We have even more exciting features coming out in Q4 including Apple Podcasts Delegated DeliveryStay tuned!

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