How To Add A Podcast To Facebook

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Big news! Facebook has just released a new feature that allows users to add their podcasts to their Facebook Pages as a new tab. 

Similar to posts, your followers and fans will be able to like, comment, and share your episodes.

In this post, we’ll walk you through exactly how to add a podcast to your Facebook page.

Step 1: Find Your Podcast's RSS Feed

In order to add your show to Facebook, you’ll need to have your podcast’s RSS feed copied and ready to paste.

✨ If you need a podcast RSS feed, click here. 

Step 2: Log into Facebook

Now that you have your RSS feed, log into your Facebook account.

Navigate to Settings/Manage Your Page or, Professional Dashboard if your are using the mobile app and select Podcasts.

Next, select Add podcast, paste your podcast RSS feed, and select Add.


add podcast rss feed to facebook

Step 3: Verify Your Podcast

Facebook will send you an authentication code to the email associated with your podcast to verify ownership.

Copy and paste your verification code and select Authenticate. 

After you authenticate, you’ll be given the option to publish your podcast.

If you decide to publish immediately, Facebook will add a new Podcast tab to your page. Your latest episodes will be added to your News Feed as Posts which feature soundbites or audiograms of your latest episodes.

Below is a screenshot of how’s official podcast, Podcasting 101 appears on Facebook’s mobile app.

If you need additional help adding your Podcast to Facebook, you can review Facebook’s resource on adding your podcast here.

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