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How Do Apple and iTunes Use RSS Feeds?



Never before have we had the opportunity to have so much information literally in our fingertips. By now, we’re all so used to having instant access to any information we want that we sometimes forget how amazing it really is to curate our own news, entertainment, and information.

The downfall to all of this consumable information, of course, is that sometimes we find ourselves suffering from information overload. You signed up for a discount five years ago at a clothing store in another state, and now you’re getting weekly emails you can’t seem to get rid of.

You used to love cat videos, but now that’s all Facebook is showing you, and you’re sick of them. (Okay, bad example. Nobody ever gets tired of cat videos.)

The point is, there’s an awful lot of noise competing for your attention. And even if it just takes a simple delete or swipe, you still had to use mental energy to make a decision about whether or not you were going to engage with that coupon, video, or tone-deaf comment from your relative.

That’s why RSS is such a valuable tool for today’s consumer. With RSS, you don’t have to sift through any competing noise — because it isn’t there. You choose what you want to see — and when. And you see only that. You don’t miss any updates (or cat videos) from the websites you care about the most, so you know you’re always up-to-date.

And that includes entertainment.

Apple RSS feeds deliver Apple news, iTunes hit lists, Podcasts, and more directly to your RSS newsreader. Don’t miss out on a single Marvel movie trailer again, and be in the loop when your favorite artist drops a new album.

You can see the art (album art or app icon), the title, the developer or artist, and genre of each feed in an instant. Some feeds also will give you descriptions of the product, release dates, and more.

Visit Apple’s RSS Feeds here:

iTunes feeds offer much of the same information, and if you produce content, you can use Apple RSS feeds and iTunes feeds to get your information out to the audience who will care about you the most.

RSS is a win-win for both content producers and consumers. Instead of throwing information, songs, blog posts, podcasts, and more out into the internet and hoping it catches somebody’s attention, RSS allows people who care about the content to find it and be updated in real time, never missing a post or release.

For a content producer, it’s like having direct, instant access to the people who care about you most, and for a consumer, it’s making sure you always know what’s going on with your favorite websites, blogs, podcasts, and more.

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