Episode 45 - Nancy Harhut, Persuasive Optimist

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes
Nancy Harhut is a highly strategic and results-oriented internationally recognized Creative Director. Known for depth of knowledge and practice in using decision science to prompt customer action and loyalty, she and her teams have won over 200 awards for marketing effectiveness. Growing up, she had a zest for life and liked trying new experiences, from wearing paper dresses to trying a pomegranate for the first time. Intent on being a lawyer, suffering through four years of Latin to help in that pursuit, but after taking just one advertising and communications class as a senior in college she set her sights on the advertising world. Nancy has worked at various agencies, including Eastern Exclusive and Mullen, and most recently started her own agency HBT Marketing. As the firm’s hands-on Creative Director, she and her team create inventive and delig ...   ...  Read more
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