Episode 44 - Dr. Amy D'Aprix, Empathy Enabling Go-Getter

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes
Dr. Amy D'Aprix is a renowned expert in her field who is affectionately known as Dr. Amy. With advanced degrees in Social Work, she serves as the Chief Empathy Officer and Life Transitions Expert at Life Transitions. Her mission? Assisting clients in navigating the challenges of aging and caregiving by offering down-to-earth, practical, and professionally informed guidance. Dr. Amy is not just an ordinary speaker and coach; she is captivating, pragmatic, and inspiring. With over 30 years of experience, she fearlessly delves into a wide range of topics to empower and assist others. Her expertise extends to aging-related matters as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, and she also holds a position on the Board of Directors of the International Federation on Ageing. As an accomplished author, Dr. Amy has written the transformative book, "From  ...   ...  Read more