Episode 46 - Laura Parr, Conscious Mindset Mentor

Uncharted Journey by Cathy McKnight

Episode notes

Laura Parr is a trained business coach and mindset mentor. She has a background in business consulting with one of the largest consulting firms in London. Before pivoting to follow her passion for helping with her coaching practice she started, scaled, and sold her property business.

Her pivot that led to selling her successful business was the realization that life is not just about financial success – which she caveats is important to some, and that is ok – but the meaning, passion, and purpose are more important. She, and supporting research, has also found that for women, success is also often measured in being able to give back – back to the community, those in need, people, and organizations that have supported their journey.

Today, she’s focused on helping women who feel unfulfilled and who are looking to create a legacy as w ... 

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