14: That's All She Wrote

The Takeback Podcast by Jess Pillay and Angelica De Anda

Episode notes

That’s all she wrote, folks! In this special season finale and final episode of The Takeback Podcast, Angelica and Jess discuss the labor of love that this show has been and why they made the difficult decision to end the podcast. But before that, they have a heartfelt and candid conversation with The Takeback’s sound engineer and audio wizard, Sam Cook-Stuntz, about the vital importance of white allyship in racial equity work. Sam humbly reflects on his continuous learning about racial equity as a white man, and gives tips to other racially or economically privileged members of the creative sector on how they can build more equity in their business practices. The episode closes with Angelica and Jess recommending a few of their favorite BIWOC businesses, brands, and causes, followed by some final reflections about the experience of making this s ... 

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