13. Izzie Chea: Bouncing Back from Burnout

The Takeback Podcast by Jess Pillay and Angelica De Anda

Episode notes

Izzie Chea, who is a Dominican-Mexican-American content creator, music educator, storyteller, and mental health advocate, is the Takeback Podcast’s guest this week! In this solo episode, Angelica chats with Izzie about her musical upbringing, her decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue musical education professionally, and how she pivoted her piano teaching business to accommodate remote and virtual learning during the pandemic. She also shares the experience of receiving her ADHD diagnosis as an adult and how she's utilized her own learning about neurodivergence to equip others who are facing similar issues and diagnoses. Izzie is passionate about using social media as a platform to destigmatize mental health and foster community–and if you’ve seen her Instagram, it goes without saying that she is crushing it! Don’t forget to che ... 

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