The Takeback Podcast

by Jess Pillay and Angelica De Anda

Welcome to The Takeback Podcast, where women of color creatives come together to inspire, empower, and encourage each other. Hosted by Jess Pillay, an Indo-Fijian-American independent singer/songwriter, and Angelica De Anda, a Mexican-American licensed mental health counselor and singer, each episode explores and elevates the stories of women of color who are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, and more as they navigate ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 14: That's All She Wrote

    14: That's All She Wrote

    That’s all she wrote, folks! In this special season finale and final episode of The Takeback Podcast, Angelica and Jess discuss the labor of love that this show has been and why they made the difficult decision to end the podcast. But before that, they have a heartfelt and candid conversation with The Takeback’s sound engineer and audio wizard, Sam Cook-Stuntz, about the vital importance of white allyship in racial equity work. Sam humbly reflects on his continuous learning about racial equity as a white man, and gives tips to other racially or economically privileged members of the creative sector on how they can build more equity in their business practices. The episode closes with Angelica and Jess recommending a few of their favorite BIWOC businesses, brands, and causes, followed by some final reflections about the experience of making this show. To all of our listeners, guests, volunteers, and supporters: Thank you for joining us. While this ultimately turned out to be a shorter-lived project than we had planned, we are so grateful that you chose to go on this 14-episode journey with us. We couldn’t have done this without you! Please stay in touch with Angelica and Jess on their individual social media accounts (links below). Because their creative adventures are far from over–even if it’s time to say farewell to this podcast. Thanks again for your support. We wish you all a happy, prosperous, and creative new year. NOTE: Our episodes are moving to YouTube! We will no longer be distributing this show to the major podcast streaming platforms, but you will be able to find all 14 episodes archived at Resources & References: Homespun Audio Jess’s favorite WOC-owned businesses: The Creativity Loft Lummi Nation’s Tokitae (Sk'aliCh'elh-tenaut)/Lolita Project Angelica’s favorites favorite WOC-owned businesses: Noir Lux Candle Company Luz y Tierra Stay in touch with Jess: Website:; sign up for Jess’s email list. Instagram: @jesspillaymusic Stay in touch with Angelica: Website: Instagram: @yourlatinatherapist Find The Takeback Podcast on YouTube

  • 13. Izzie Chea: Bouncing Back from Burnout

    13. Izzie Chea: Bouncing Back from Burnout

    Izzie Chea, who is a Dominican-Mexican-American content creator, music educator, storyteller, and mental health advocate, is the Takeback Podcast’s guest this week! In this solo episode, Angelica chats with Izzie about her musical upbringing, her decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue musical education professionally, and how she pivoted her piano teaching business to accommodate remote and virtual learning during the pandemic. She also shares the experience of receiving her ADHD diagnosis as an adult and how she's utilized her own learning about neurodivergence to equip others who are facing similar issues and diagnoses. Izzie is passionate about using social media as a platform to destigmatize mental health and foster community–and if you’ve seen her Instagram, it goes without saying that she is crushing it! Don’t forget to check out the links below to see where Izzie spends her time online and some of her favorite resources for our listeners! Resources & References: Where to Find Izzie Instagram Milkshake Linktree YouTube Channel Patreon Buy Me a Coffee Izzie’s favorite WOC business recommendation: Booklandia (Instagram)

  • 12. Querida Duncalfe: Peace by Piece

    12. Querida Duncalfe: Peace by Piece

    In this week’s episode, Querida Duncalfe—who is an author, podcaster, community activist, and blogger—reflects on the parallels between her social justice work and her creative life. She shares about the ups and downs of resilience, her nonlinear road to education, and the significance of creating bonds with people who share her values. Don’t forget to check out the links below for resources shared by Querida in this week’s episode! Resources & References: Where to Find Querida: Querida's Instagram Something True Blog Something True Apparel Peace by Piece Book Querida’s favorite WOC brand and book recommendations: Lip Bar Cole Arthur Riley Candace Bebo's Book: Red Lip Theology Andre Henry's Book: All the White Friends I Couldn't Keep:

  • 11. Katie Piura: Beauty, Boundaries, and Belonging

    11. Katie Piura: Beauty, Boundaries, and Belonging

    In Episode 11, Honduran-American beauty blogger, YouTuber, and social worker, Kate Piura shares how she shows up in underrepresented spaces, especially for the Latinx community. Katie, Jess, and Angelica discuss Katie’s many creative passions and how she uses social media, make-up, and blogging to build community with others. She shares her thoughts on the importance of mentors and representation in media, and gives practical advice to our listeners about setting good boundaries in one’s creative work. Don’t forget to check out the links below to see which BIWOC businesses and brands Katie recommends in this episode! Resources & References: Where to Find Katie: @introspectivepiura (Instagram) Child Haven Therapy: YouTube Instagram YouTube Creator Recommendations: Kathleen Lights Jackie Ina Sun Kissed Alba Nedra Tawwab The Truth Doctor Katie’s Favorite WOC Business/Brands Recommendations: Rare Beauty Pure Heart Candles

  • 10. Are We All Imposters?


    10. Are We All Imposters?


    This week, The Takeback Podcast celebrates 10 episodes! Co-hosts Jess Pillay and Angelica De Anda dive deep into the topic of imposter syndrome. They share their personal stories, and provide tools and resources for people—especially women of color creatives—to fight back when imposter syndrome strikes. Check out the links below for more resources from this episode. If this episode struck a chord with you, please share with others and consider leaving us a positive rating and review on your podcast platform of choice. This gets our podcast into the ears of more listeners. We appreciate your support and feedback! Learn more about our work at Resources & References: Family culture that supports imposter syndrome (IG post, part 1) Family culture that supports imposter syndrome (IG post, part 2) Imposter Syndrome Institute How to Battle Imposter Syndrome (Article) 5 Types of Imposters Negative Thinking Traps White Supremacy Culture (by Dr. Tema Okun) What perfectionism looks like in imposter syndrome? (IG post) Ditching Imposter Syndrome