158: How to Use Your Monthly Cycle to Your Advantage: Cycle Syncing with Megan Rempel

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

Feel like you keep getting caught in a vicious cycle of being a productive rock star to feeling like a failure and wondering why you can’t stick to a weekly routine or schedule? You’re not alone. So many women struggle with staying disciplined and accomplishing all the things throughout the month. But it’s because of our regularly changing hormones, not because we aren't rock stars (because we are!) Rachel and Erin talk with registered nurse and health coach, Megan Rempel, about how the different phases of a woman’s cycle affect how we think and feel and how we can use this knowledge to live a happier and more balanced life.

The girls talk more about:

  • How Megan went from wearing insane busyness as a badge of honor (and constantly burning out) to adapting to a lifestyle around cycle syncing
  • One huge misconception abo ... 
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