The Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs Podcast

by Gabby Rendon

The AWE Podcast is about ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to know how to stop dashing away from their dreams and embrace success unapologetically. I'm your host, Gabby Rendon, and I help empty-nester moms, professional women, and passionate females who are about to hit midlife harmonize all their dreams so they can go from overwhelmed to ambitious women entrepreneurs. ​What will you find at The AWE Podcast? Interviews w ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

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  • Going Full Circle & Having Fun My Interview With Naomi Buffery

    Going Full Circle & Having Fun My Interview With Naomi Buffery

    Today I'm having a fascinating conversation with Naomi Buffery; she is a digital marketer helping coaches and small business owners. She started as a coach herself and rediscovered how to pivot from her stressful job into a career that fulfills her. We had so much fun talking about her journey into entrepreneurship: -Quitting her marketing job -Finding a part-time job to have less stress and more time to slowly grow her project without risking her finances. -Pivoting from a good business idea to a business model that fulfills her. -Going full circle back to marketing for solopreneurs and startups. What a ride! You can find Naomi at: Join her private group

  • Veteran and Military Spouse Tech Startup an Interview with Lindsay Helm

    Veteran and Military Spouse Tech Startup an Interview with Lindsay Helm

    Today I had a fascinating conversation with Lindsay Helm; she is an Army Veteran and active-duty military spouse. Lindsay is a fierce advocate, mom, and volunteer. After her 8th year in the Army, she transitioned her skills to the corporate world, working in various technology roles such as Information Systems Technician and IT Project Manager for Fortune 500 companies such as Intuit, Amazon, NIKA, Polu Kai, and Tanium. Lindsay has turned her technology and advocacy superpowers into a rapidly growing company. Empower Employ intends to change the landscape for Veteran and Military Spouse hiring and retention. Lindsay has been featured in media outlets such as Military Spouse Magazine, CBS, and She has been awarded (NNY 20 Under 40 and Military Spouse of the Year) for her work in business and continues to volunteer her time with organizations such as Bunker Labs. Lindsay currently resides with her husband and three children (plus one on the way!) in Hawaii and loves exploring the outdoors as much as possible. We talked about -Starting a business and ending up with 80k in debt -Reaching out for help, networking, and starting all over again. -Funding her startup by doing "gigs." - Automation, outsourcing, and processes are crucial to success. -Access to funding as a woman is hard. You can reach out to Lindsay at

  • From Working Mom to Business Owner, My Interview with Gill Jorgenson

    From Working Mom to Business Owner, My Interview with Gill Jorgenson

    Today I'm sitting down with Gill Jorgenson, mom entrepreneur of two successful businesses. Gill was a successful C-suite executive assistant for a large, wealthy multinational and later on to the Head of an exclusive private school. All seemed good until one day, her kids asked to go home because it was getting dark, and they had been at school since 6:30 am! That was the a-ha moment that kindled Gill's path to entrepreneurship! With all her family's support, Gill embarked on the VA industry. However, it took her nearly two years to start up the company. From Google to YouTube tutorials and Masterclasses to Webinars and proven systems, Gill tried them all, but she managed to get it up and running and succeed. Because of her experience with how to start the VA business, Gill knew she had to do something to help other moms. Gill convinced her sister to join her to help other working moms ditch the 9-5 and start their own Executive Virtual Assistant business. And so Fearlessly Flamboyant was born. You can reach Gill on social media and directly on her website.

  • Living Authentically, My Interview With Mindy Duff

    Living Authentically, My Interview With Mindy Duff

    Today our guest is Mindy Duff. We had a wonderful conversation about the topics of: -Motherhood and having a business. -Setting physical boundaries when you work from home. -Mindset and how to live authentically. Mindy Duff is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach and the podcast host "Up-Level Your Life with Mindy." Mindy loves spending time with her family, doing yoga, enjoying the outdoors, and writing music. She was a music teacher! She is also the author of "How to live your happiest life" and host of the podcast "Up Level Your Life With Mindy," where she discusses topics of great interest for anyone who desires to improve physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Entrepreneur, grocery shop owner, author, podcast host, and mom! Mindy is an inspiration to us all. You can find Mindy Duff.

  • Enjoy Summer Vibes Starting your Dropshipping Business

    Enjoy Summer Vibes Starting your Dropshipping Business

    Summer is here! And I’m so ready to sleep in, indulge in a few extra cups of coffee, and look forward to fewer lunch-making duties.I don’t know you, but in my case, having a relaxed schedule helps me to be more creative and achieve my business goals while enjoying summer break with my family.What I’ve learned in so many years of being an entrepreneur is that summer slows you down, and it’s ok! Be intentional with everything you do, ensure to stay consistent with your weekly goals, and embrace the flexibility of summer activities.Today I want to talk about one business model I’ve been helping my clients with. Sure enough, you all have heard of dropshipping, and if you are looking to start a business with low entry costs or expand your current business, then stick around and get the step-by-step process on how to start your dropshipping business this summer. Visit my Etsy Store to get your dropshipping business plan, planners, and guides to marketing. more about marketing and SEO Ideas for Moms your weekly dose of inspiration watching "Hey, Mom! What's your Business?" on my YouTube channel, where I interview successful moms running a business while raising a family. New episodes each week!