From Working Mom to Business Owner, My Interview with Gill Jorgenson

The Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs Podcast by Gabby Rendon

Episode notes
Today I'm sitting down with Gill Jorgenson, mom entrepreneur of two successful businesses. Gill was a successful C-suite executive assistant for a large, wealthy multinational and later on to the Head of an exclusive private school. All seemed good until one day, her kids asked to go home because it was getting dark, and they had been at school since 6:30 am! That was the a-ha moment that kindled Gill's path to entrepreneurship! With all her family's support, Gill embarked on the VA industry. However, it took her nearly two years to start up the company. From Google to YouTube tutorials and Masterclasses to Webinars and proven systems, Gill tried them all, but she managed to get it up and running and succeed. Because of her experience with how to start the VA business, Gill knew she had to do something to help other moms. Gill convinced her sister t ...   ...  Read more
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