Enjoy Summer Vibes Starting your Dropshipping Business

The Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs Podcast by Gabby Rendon

Episode notes
Summer is here! And I’m so ready to sleep in, indulge in a few extra cups of coffee, and look forward to fewer lunch-making duties.I don’t know you, but in my case, having a relaxed schedule helps me to be more creative and achieve my business goals while enjoying summer break with my family.What I’ve learned in so many years of being an entrepreneur is that summer slows you down, and it’s ok! Be intentional with everything you do, ensure to stay consistent with your weekly goals, and embrace the flexibility of summer activities.Today I want to talk about one business model I’ve been helping my clients with. Sure enough, you all have heard of dropshipping, and if you are looking to start a business with low entry costs or expand your current business, then stick around and get the step-by-step process on how to start your dropshipping business this ...   ...  Read more
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