Rebooting your mind, work life balance and the power of surfing for mental health, with Steve Gwenin

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

Stoked to be joined in the lounge this week by Steve Gwenin.

Originally from the UK, Steve now lives in the Mother city running Surfers Life Club, a coaching business helping executives, business people and entrepreneurs to gain some work life balance, spend more time surfing and in the ocean and generally live a happier life.

We discussed Steve’s personal history with this problem, how he came to where he is now and more, including:

  • Finding work life balance

  • Why surfing is so valuable for mental health

  • The sunk cost fallacy, knowing when to let something go

  • Using surfing to reboot your mind and stay present

  • The muscle memory of your brain, learning to rewire old pathways to become more content

  • The negativity confirmation bias and why we need to l ... 

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