Entrepreneurship, balancing work with play and staying driven, with Elliott Hawkins

The After Hours Lounge by Sandy Clunas

Episode notes

Glad to finally have Elliott in the lounge this week!

Elliott is an entrepreneur, business owner and all round good guy.

Entrepreneur is a funny word these days that tends to bring up negative connotations of 30 something tech CEO’s telling you to get up earlier and take ice baths.

In this episode we cut through the noise and get into all aspects of life as an entrepreneur.

We discussed:

  • Finding the balance between work and play

  • The drive behind building your own business

  • Why the dream of sitting on the beach after all the work isn’t much of a dream

  • The snake oil salesmen selling how to ‘do it’ without having done it themselves

  • The current Steven Bartlett controversy

Hope you enjoy!

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