Reveal the Diamond Within with Joanna Hairabedian

by Charisma Podcast Network

We are created in the image of God, and within us is an inner diamond that reflects wonderful qualities that make us unique. Reveal the Diamond Within is hosted by national pageant winner, author of, and speaker Joanna Hairbabedian. Through personal teachings and moving interviews, Joanna helps reveal the inner brilliance within you to be free from shame, fear, hindrances, and anything else keeping you from ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • The Face of Forgiveness Story

    The Face of Forgiveness Story

    Join us for this powerful podcast that explores the transformative journey of forgiveness from both the perpetrator's and victim's perspectives. We unpack profound insights and the power of forgiveness to reveal the diamond within every soul. Dr. Johannes describes his harrowing experience of surviving a life-threatening incident that a 15-year-old perpetrator intentionally caused. Dr. Johannes's head was crushed, and he lost both his eyes. Despite losing his sight and facing unimaginable challenges, Dr. Johannes discovers the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit to forgive, create a life that glorifies God, and find healing and wholeness. It's a remarkable story of strength that will inspire and impact you! Although blind, Dr. Johannes has reclaimed his life and learned how to become a painter! Don't miss this compelling exploration of forgiveness, resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit!

  • Overcoming Mind Bullies In Your Head

    Overcoming Mind Bullies In Your Head

    Do you battle unworthiness, struggle with voices that tell you you're no good, or know someone is being bullied? Find hope and solutions in today's episode! Like and share this podcast! 10th-degree martial artist Dr. Stan (Breakthrough) Harris is a legend who defied all odds. Bullied and abused from a young age, Dr. Breakthrough overcame severe adversity, mastering martial arts and earning rare accolades, including induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Yet, his battles weren't just physical; he fought against inner demons, surviving two suicide attempts by age 12. Join us as he shares his inspiring story of resilience, triumph, and finding light in the darkest times.

  • Don't Let Doubt Take You Out!

    Don't Let Doubt Take You Out!

    Learn how to remove doubt from your life! Join your Reveal the Diamond Within podcast host, Joanna Hairabedian, as she interviews best-selling author and international Coach Jerry. He shares the three time-tested strategies to deal with doubt and how to knock it out! Get ready for great tips that will motivate you to take action! Most of us struggle with allowing doubt to make us think our business idea, book idea, etc., isn't worth pursuing or good enough. Other times, we doubt ourselves or our abilities. Now it's time to break through doubt and cast it out!

  • RSVP to Heaven-The Victory Road out of Desolation with Actress & Evangelist, Lee Benton

    RSVP to Heaven-The Victory Road out of Desolation with Actress & Evangelist, Lee Benton

    There are no accidents! Do you feel like one of life's victims? Have you lost hope and are ready for a change? Do you feel like giving up? Stop and listen to this podcast! Lee Benton is no stranger to feeling alone and hopeless. Drawing from her own life, she knows that God is always on your side and wants you to succeed. You'll be inspired and encouraged. You'll feel there is a God who loves you as Lee discusses how God works in crazy ways to fulfill His plans for you. Lee is the author of "RSVP to HEAVEN. "My Story. My Life. From Tragedy to Victory!" An autobiography and how she found her victory road out of desolation. She also has a special prayer for God's Invitation to Heaven in the book. Lee Benton is an Actress, Producer, Writer, and Evangelist based in Southern California. Her Award-Winning Television Show, Victory Road with Lee Benton, brings people to hope and inspires them with victory stories from celebrities and others. Benton has starred and guest-starred on many TV shows as a series regular, performed in leading and supporting roles in many films, and continues to work in the film industry.

  • Revitalizing Health: God's Master Antioxidant

    Revitalizing Health: God's Master Antioxidant

    In this compelling episode, we welcome special guest Robert Gauthier, formulator and CEO of Cympcorp International, as he shares the incredible results of a groundbreaking AIDS study conducted in Africa. Discover the astonishing outcomes of the study, where 113 out of 115 participants utilized glutathione protocols to live fulfilling lives. Join us as Robert delves into the intricate workings of our bodies and the role God has played in their incredible healing capabilities. Learn about the significance of antioxidants, with a special focus on glutathione, known as one of the master antioxidants. Gain insights into how glutathione impacts our health and well-being and discover ways to naturally increase its production within the body. Uncover the profound potential of glutathione in disease prevention, parasite and virus fighting, and detoxification. Understand how this vital antioxidant equips our bodies to combat threats naturally. Discover why glutathione is considered as crucial to our health as a well-balanced diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Tune in to explore the transformative power of the master antioxident and gain valuable knowledge on enhancing your health through natural means. Join us on this enlightening journey into the realm of healing, as we unlock the secrets of God's provisions to optomize our health+.