RSVP to Heaven-The Victory Road out of Desolation with Actress & Evangelist, Lee Benton

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Episode notes

There are no accidents! Do you feel like one of life's victims? Have you lost hope and are ready for a change? Do you feel like giving up? Stop and listen to this podcast! Lee Benton is no stranger to feeling alone and hopeless. Drawing from her own life, she knows that God is always on your side and wants you to succeed. You'll be inspired and encouraged. You'll feel there is a God who loves you as Lee discusses how God works in crazy ways to fulfill His plans for you. Lee is the author of "RSVP to HEAVEN. "My Story. My Life. From Tragedy to Victory!" An autobiography and how she found her victory road out of desolation. She also has a special prayer for God's Invitation to Heaven in the book. Lee Benton is an Actress, Producer, Writer, and Evangelist based in Southern California. Her Award-Winning Television Show, Victory Road with Lee Benton,  ... 

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