The Face of Forgiveness Story

Reveal the Diamond Within with Joanna Hairabedian by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

Join us for this powerful podcast that explores the transformative journey of forgiveness from both the perpetrator's and victim's perspectives. We unpack profound insights and the power of forgiveness to reveal the diamond within every soul.

Dr. Johannes describes his harrowing experience of surviving a life-threatening incident that a 15-year-old perpetrator intentionally caused. Dr. Johannes's head was crushed, and he lost both his eyes. Despite losing his sight and facing unimaginable challenges, Dr. Johannes discovers the extraordinary capacity of the human spirit to forgive, create a life that glorifies God, and find healing and wholeness. It's a remarkable story of strength that will inspire and impact you! Although blind, Dr. Johannes has reclaimed his life and learned how to become a painter!

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