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SEO is Relative: Modern Search Intent ft Lyndon Nelson-Allen

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Episode notes

In episode 116, Lyndon Nelson-Allen stops by the show to have an in-depth discussion about search intent.

Lyndon sheds light on what SEOs often misunderstand about search intent and provides insights into how Google approaches and evaluates intent using various signals and factors.

We also chat about the reasons why Google may not always provide the "best" answer and the challenges surrounding content quality on the web.

(0:00) Intro

(2:30) What Do SEOs Get Wrong About Search Intent?

(3:40) How Does Google Think About Intent?

(4:43) Signals and Factors

(6:25) How Should SEOs Approach Content?

(8:27) Why Doesn’t Google Provide the Best Answer?

(10:22) SEO is Relative

(11:58) Original Content vs Replication

(13:53) SERP Volatility

(15:55) Have Results Improved?

(17:48) Ar ... 

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