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Google Bias Under the Microscope ft Jack Chambers-Ward - Part 1

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Episode notes

In episode 115, Jack Chambers-Ward of Candour joins the show to chat about bias in Google search results and how these results are influenced by our own biases.

We discuss the influence of language in search queries and examine the potential biases associated with Large Language Models.

We also tackle the important question of Google's responsibility in surfacing diverse content and discuss approaches that both individuals and organizations can take when handling existing biases.

(0:00) Intro

(3:25) Are Google Search Results Biased?

(5:05) The Influence of Language in Queries

(9:49) Are LLMs Biased?

(13:30) Checking Your Own Biases When Searching with Google

(21:45) What is Google’s Responsibility in Surfacing Diverse Content?

(25:15) How to Handle Existing Biases

(28:11) Rapid Fire Rank ... 

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