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AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence for SEO ft Jason Tatum

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Episode notes

In episode 117, Jason Tatum, VP of Product at CallRail, joins the show to discuss AI-Powered call tracking and how it can be used to uplift your SEO efforts.

Jason highlights the valuable relationship between AI-powered call tracking and SEO, emphasizing the identification of patterns and trends.

We also glimpse into the future of AI at CallRail and discuss the ways that organizations are seamlessly implementing the technology into SEO and marketing processes.

(0:00) Intro

(10:20) AI-Powered Call Tracking and the Relationship to SEO

(15:15) How to Identify Patterns and Trends

(17:02) How Marketing Teams are Using CallRail Summaries

(18:31) How Marketers Apply Brand Sentiment Insights from Summaries

(20:51) The Future of AI at CallRail

(25:38) How to Implement This Technology into SEO Processes ... 

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