Questbound Realms

by AP&M Group

Embark on an epic journey through the boundless realms of imagination with "Questbound Realms," where storytelling and tabletop roleplaying games collide in a mesmerizing adventure. Our skilled Game Master leads the players and listeners alike on a virtual quest, crafting a tapestry of thrilling narratives and heart-pounding challenges. From ancient dungeons to enchanted forests, every episode unveils a new realm teeming wit ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Estemere Legends: Curtains Rising

    Estemere Legends: Curtains Rising

    In this gripping third episode of "Questbound Realms," hosted by Andrew Stark, our adventurers find themselves regrouping outside the mysterious keep, piecing together the chilling events they've just endured. The episode weaves a tale of recovery, mystery, and intrigue as Emrys vanishes and Jespin, fueled by a sense of duty, plunges back into the dark depths of the keep. As the party journeys back from the ominous structure, the narrative unfolds over several weeks, capturing their interactions, reflections, and the evolving landscape around them. The bustling city of Driftglen offers a backdrop of whispered secrets and public declarations, from assassinations to political upheavals and rumors of draconian threats. Reuniting with Otis, the group collects their hard-earned rewards and stands at a crossroads, contemplating their next moves amidst a web of local and distant rumors. What paths will they choose in the face of growing unrest and looming dangers? Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: SFX/Ambience: and

  • Estemere Legends: New Friends, Old Nightmares

    Estemere Legends: New Friends, Old Nightmares

    In this thrilling episode of "Questbound Realms," our intrepid party awakens within the confines of Otis' enigmatic storefront. The air is thick with anticipation as they engage in earnest conversation, weaving the bonds of camaraderie tighter with every word exchanged. Guided by the sage advice of Yoren and Otis, they set forth with a mixture of determination and the inevitable unknown shadowing their path. Their journey, a tapestry of travel lightly touched upon, soon intertwines with the enigmatic Emrys the Rhymer, whose presence promises a blend of lore and mystery. As the party approaches their daunting destination, an "abandoned" keep once under the aegis of the Aedrios government, they are greeted not by desolation, but by the chilling sight of fallen Aedriosi soldiers, their silent testimonies shrouded in shadow and secrecy. Inside, amidst relics and a desecrated sigil, the narrative threads of history and magic entangle, leading them to the keep's heart, where lies a barely breathing knight, Jespin Kirsell. His plea sets them on a descent into the depths, where broken chains and an ominous presence await. Confronted by a sinister figure bound by chains, the party is thrust into a whirlwind of enigmatic events, culminating in the figure's inexplicable release and subsequent disappearance. As the episode closes with King and Fable's contemplative interaction beneath a solemn snowy sky, listeners are left pondering the implications of their encounter, the fate of the sinister figure, and the deepening mystery of their quest. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: SFX/Ambience: and

  • Estemere Legends: Shattered Sigil Secrets

    Estemere Legends: Shattered Sigil Secrets

    Arcane dangers and unspoken secrets, our adventurers must forge unlikely alliances and confront their own pasts. With each step, they unravel the complex tapestry of Estemere's history, revealing a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of their world. Stark's masterful storytelling weaves a narrative that is as deeply character-driven as it is richly imaginative. "Shattered Sigil Secrets" promises not just a journey of external adventure, but a profound exploration of loyalty, power, and the sacrifices one must make in the face of destiny. Don't miss this epic installment in the "Questbound Realms" series, where every twist and turn brings our heroes closer to a truth that could either save or doom Estemere. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: SFX/Ambience: and

  • Estemere Legends: Echoes of Estemere

    Estemere Legends: Echoes of Estemere

    Step into the richly woven tapestry of Kolmordia in this lore-focused episode of "Questbound Realms," where host Andrew Stark guides you through the diverse and intriguing continent of Estemere. Discover Aedrios, a land of deceptive peace and prosperity, and Rudira, where power dictates rule. As we traverse from the prosperous Ashen Coast to the enigmatic northern Plateau, the episode paints a vivid picture of a world teetering on the brink of war and espionage. In the year 991 FC, amidst the shadow of the Shaded Gulf and the mysterious umber wood, our story unfolds in the overlooked yet pivotal city of Wildfell. Join us in unveiling the complex history, geography, and politics that set the stage for an epic adventure. It's more than just a game; it's a journey into a living, breathing world. Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Estemere Legends: Realm Beginnings

    Estemere Legends: Realm Beginnings

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of "Questbound Realms," hosted by the enthusiastic Andrew Stark! Dive into a world of imagination, adventure, and camaraderie, where Andrew and his vibrant group of friends embark on an epic Dungeons & Dragons journey. Each character brings a flair of creativity and intrigue to the tale. Expect homebrew twists, captivating storytelling, and a touch of weirdness as they progress from level 2, potentially up to the legendary level 20. Whether you're here for the thrilling plot, the character development, or just a good laugh, "Questbound Realms" promises a mix of it all. So, grab your dice, get comfortable, and let's get questing! Learn More About the Show: Fuel Our Creativity: