Episode notes

In this gripping third episode of "Questbound Realms," hosted by Andrew Stark, our adventurers find themselves regrouping outside the mysterious keep, piecing together the chilling events they've just endured. The episode weaves a tale of recovery, mystery, and intrigue as Emrys vanishes and Jespin, fueled by a sense of duty, plunges back into the dark depths of the keep.

As the party journeys back from the ominous structure, the narrative unfolds over several weeks, capturing their interactions, reflections, and the evolving landscape around them. The bustling city of Driftglen offers a backdrop of whispered secrets and public declarations, from assassinations to political upheavals and rumors of draconian threats.

Reuniting with Otis, the group collects their hard-earned rewards and stands at a crossroads, contemplating their next m ... 

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