Episode notes

In this thrilling episode of "Questbound Realms," our intrepid party awakens within the confines of Otis' enigmatic storefront. The air is thick with anticipation as they engage in earnest conversation, weaving the bonds of camaraderie tighter with every word exchanged. Guided by the sage advice of Yoren and Otis, they set forth with a mixture of determination and the inevitable unknown shadowing their path. Their journey, a tapestry of travel lightly touched upon, soon intertwines with the enigmatic Emrys the Rhymer, whose presence promises a blend of lore and mystery.

As the party approaches their daunting destination, an "abandoned" keep once under the aegis of the Aedrios government, they are greeted not by desolation, but by the chilling sight of fallen Aedriosi soldiers, their silent testimonies shrouded in shadow and secrecy. Inside, ... 

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