by Ed Scott

Outlandish is a podcast for trail runners and other outlandish folk. Hosted by Ed Scott, Outlandish focuses on the burgeoning trail running scene in London and Southeast England.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Richard Mcdowell - The fastest ever UK trail 100-miler

    Richard Mcdowell - The fastest ever UK trail 100-miler

    Super excited this week to bring you a chat I had with Richard McDowell, AKA the turbo ferret. Richard lives in South West London where this podcast was recorded, and in recent years he’s made a bit of a name for himself by laying down some incredibly fast times at a number of Centurion ultramarathon, including the South Downs Way 50 and 100, the Thames Path 100, where he ran the fastest ever trail 100-miler on British soil. It’s safe to say that Richard is the fastest runner I’ve spoken to on the podcast so far and quite possibly ever well, he’s got an amazing road and cross country background, so it was really interesting to get his perspective on the trail and ultra scene given his previous focus on marathons, 10ks, and other quote unquote ‘short’ distances. - Ed

  • David Bone, the King of FKTs - Camino Ultra

    David Bone, the King of FKTs - Camino Ultra

    This week, I'm delighted to share with you a conversation I had with a true legend of the London ultrarunning scene, David Bone. One half of the coaching duo DaznBone, David is a force of nature. Whether he's directing events or setting 150-mile FKTs, he always has a smile on his face and seemingly all the time in the world to chat with anyone. He's simply one of the nicest guys I've ever met. In this conversation, we chatted about the origins of Camino Ultra and their unqiue, urban take on ultrarunning, David's love of FKTs, of which he has bagged over 100, and the many hidden green spaces to be found all over the UK's capital. - Ed

  • Darryl Hanstein - Ugoku Projects

    Darryl Hanstein - Ugoku Projects

    Headwear. For many of us, a vital but easily overlooked aspect of our trail running experience. As a headwear enthusiast myself who never goes for a run without a cap, I was excited to speak in this episode to Darryl Hanstein, the brains behind Ugoku Projects. With a growing range of top-notch trail headwear, Ugoku Projects is quickly making a name for itself in the UK trail running scene as a purveyor of awesome caps. I spoke to Darryl at his home in Amersham to find out more about what goes into crafting the perfect cap. We also chatted about the 2021 Centurion 50 mile Grand Slam, the event which ultimately brought us together. Check out this bonus footage, in which Darryl walks us through the stages of putting together Ugoku's flagship Sakura SWFT cap: https://youtu.be/nd2isXv-tms - Ed

  • Ally Whitlock - Running the Thames Path 100

    Ally Whitlock - Running the Thames Path 100

    Ally Whitlock, AKA Croydon's ultrarunning ambassador, is an ultrarunner and photographer from South London. A long-standing member of the Centurion community, in 2022 Ally ran the Thames Path 100, a pancake-flat 100-miler along the River Thames from London to Oxford. In this episode, I spoke to Ally before and after the race, to get a sense of what it takes to run that legendary distance, 100 miles! - Ed

  • Chris Bradley - Runaway Adventures

    Chris Bradley - Runaway Adventures

    Welcome to series one, episode one of Outlandish! To kick off this new podcast, I could think of no better guest than my good friend Chris Bradley. Chris is the founder and director of Runaway Adventures, a London-based trail running company hosting races and meetups in and around the city. If you're in the market for a great trail running event, you can't go wrong with one of Runaway's awesome races. I headed to Runaway HQ in Tottenham to chat to Chris about the story of Runaway and what goes into organising a great event. I hope you enjoy, and follow along for many more great conversations in the future! -Ed