Episode notes

Headwear. For many of us, a vital but easily overlooked aspect of our trail running experience.

As a headwear enthusiast myself who never goes for a run without a cap, I was excited to speak in this episode to Darryl Hanstein, the brains behind Ugoku Projects. With a growing range of top-notch trail headwear, Ugoku Projects is quickly making a name for itself in the UK trail running scene as a purveyor of awesome caps.

I spoke to Darryl at his home in Amersham to find out more about what goes into crafting the perfect cap. We also chatted about the 2021 Centurion 50 mile Grand Slam, the event which ultimately brought us together.

Check out this bonus footage, in which Darryl walks us through the stages of putting together Ugoku's flagship Sakura SWFT cap: https://you ... 

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