Northwest Now Steve On The Street

by Steve Kiggins

Northwest Now's Steve Kiggins' in-depth reports on stories that matter in Western Washington.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 15

  • We Heart Seattle

    We Heart Seattle

    We Heart Seattle in action cleaning up a homeless camp and we hear from those who don't agree with this group's actions.

  • 988 Call Center

    988 Call Center

    A look at our state's 988 Suicide Lifeline center and how they provide help and support to those who are thinking about harming themselves.

  • Boeing


    Steve Kiggins spoke to a former Boeing employee who had his own concerns about the company.

  • Open Government 2024

    Open Government 2024

    A look at an effort in Spokane to obtain state government records on deceased relatives.

  • Dementia Art & Music Therapy

    Dementia Art & Music Therapy

    A look at a local program where dementia patients are using art and music as therapy.