S01 E20 - Meal Planning: Can It Be Simple AND Healthy?

Nacho Fitness Coach by Caleigh and Sara
Feeding a family is no easy task, but when it comes to meal planning, Sara and Caleigh couldn't be more different. Sara is all about simple meals with healthy, whole ingredients, while Caleigh has always made it more difficult than it needs to be. Join us as we dive into the world of meal planning and prep, including the time Sara’s kids  ...  See more
May 03 2023

Welcome to Nacho Fitness Coach. Two friends discuss all things fitness to
bring knowledge and some opinion to you wherever you may be in your health
journey. My friend Kaylee, the beginner, almost ran a 5k once. Recently had her
first protein shake and is the proud owner of one set of five pound dumbbells.
And my friend Sarah, the expert, runs when she lifts, has racewalked dozens of
races including a full marathon and has 12 open protein tubs in the pantry. So
let's get started. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, so this podcast is for entertainment only.
If you have concerns about your health, consult a physician or other health care
professionals. So Kaylee, what's your plan every week with regards to like meal
planning? I do okay. Okay, I mean, are they is it always the healthiest? It's
always go

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