Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E13 - MurderCast 013: Amy Mihaljevic

    S01 E13 - MurderCast 013: Amy Mihaljevic

    Bay Village, Ohio. An affluent beach-front area on the shores of Lake Erie, located on the West Side of Cleveland. It is in this insulated neighborhood where Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped and murdered after being lured to meet a st...

  • S01 E09 - MurderCast 009: Angie Hammond

    S01 E09 - MurderCast 009: Angie Hammond

    Angie Hammond In 1990, nineteen-year-old Angela Marie Hammond was making her way through life in Clinton, Missouri. But this seemingly idyllic rural town would become the setting for one of the most horrific crimes the city had...

  • MurderCast 012: Charles Morgan

    MurderCast 012: Charles Morgan

    Charles Morgan June, 1977. Somewhere in a remote area of Tucson, AZ. A brand new Mercury Cougar slowly drives down State Route 86. It is almost pitch dark and the driver turns on the dome light to check the hand-written directi...

  • MurderCast 011: Colonel Philip Shue

    MurderCast 011: Colonel Philip Shue

    Colonel Philip Shue April 16, 2003. Bernie, TX. A maroon car speeding along interstate 10 suddenly begins to drive erratically, spinning out of control, finally coming to a stop after hitting a tree. The victim, 54 year-old Air...

  • MurderCast 010: Kenny Veach

    MurderCast 010: Kenny Veach

    Kenny Veach In the wee hours of Nov. 10, 2014, a lone hiker arrives on the Nevada side of the Mojave desert, a vast expanse encompassing almost fifty thousand miles of desolate, arid landscape. To the north-west, lies Death Val...