Episode notes
October 11th, 2016. Zambia, South Africa. Dr. Larry Rudolf and his wife Bianca began packing up their belongings for their return flight to the United States later that day. The couple had just finished a hunting trip where Bianca had hoped to kill a leopard. Unfortunately Bianca did not get to shoot her leopard. No trophy to behead and mount on the wall as a momento. But there would be a killing before the evening was over. Was the death a terrible accident? Was it a suicide like some claimed? Or was there more to this story? Let’s face it, after all, this is not Accidental Death-Cast. You are listening to Murdercast. Thank you to Nakia Gorden for reading the intro and Victor Olumide for additional voicing.Please make a tax-deductible donation to Luv of Dogz:https://www.luvofdogz.o ...   ...  Read more