S01 E36 - The Return

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
after a couple of weeks without recording I've realised why... this was such a fun episode to record. time for me to get my confidence back and get back to being me!.
May 09 2023

Hello and welcome back, I'm back, couple of weeks off and I've not recorded, been a bit
strange I must admit, I will get into that on today's show. Firstly I hope you are all
doing ok, I hope you've all been as relaxed as you can be or whatever you've been up to
has been, yeah just been kind of good. What I will say is, it's been a bit strange from
my point of view having a couple of weeks without recording, I think Monday just gone
is the third week, the third Monday that I've not actually put out a podcast, I've not enjoyed
it, I'll be honest, I've not enjoyed it, I've kind of missed it. But you know what, I think
we'll jump straight in today and it's a bit of a realisation actually as to why I've not
recorded the last couple of weeks and it's kind of something that, I was drinking a cup

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