S01 E35 - Family trip south

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

talking about our family trip to Plymouth and a full update on myself.

Apr 16 2023

Hello everyone, welcome back to my 35th episode. I still can't believe how quick we're getting
through all these to be honest with you, but we're getting there. I hope you've all had
a good week. As I said in my last podcast, I was taking a trip with the family down to
the South Coast in the week just gone. That's how I'm going to open today's show, I'm going
to talk about that a little bit. Because I know I've made mention in the past about as
a family we may look to make a move cross country down to the South Coast. Having gone
down having had a little look, it was only a little look, it was only one full day. But
I've got to say I fell in love with the place. I really did, it was absolutely beautiful.
The only problem, and it's quite a big problem, it's incredibly hilly. Now I've kind o

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