S01 E34 - Easter Family Time and General Chat

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
talking about my family time over Easter as well as an update on how I am and other general chat.
Apr 09 2023

Hello and welcome back, I hope you've all had a good week, mine's not been too bad
this week I'm going to be honest with you, there's a few little bits and pieces that
I want to talk about this week. I'm going to start with the first thing and I hope you've
all had a really good Easter, if you've been celebrating Easter at all, whatever you've
been up to I hope you've enjoyed it, fingers crossed there's been lots of chocolate and
that sort of stuff floating about for you. Me, actually, I've not had an Easter egg at
all this year, I know, me, me not in, no Easter egg, how, how does that happen? I'm not at
all jealous of those that have had Easter eggs, honestly, yeah I'm lying, I wanted
an Easter egg, you know, just saying, just floating that one out there. But, what I do
want to do is talk

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