S01 E33 - its been a life changing week

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
talking about the Ocrevus booklet and most importantly explaining about 2 very serious life events that have happened this week. Work is no more for me after 20 years in the security industry and explaining about my Physio session using a FES machine, this was incredible!.
Apr 02 2023

Hello and welcome back to my next podcast. Today I'm going to talk a little bit more
about the book clip I got when I did my first round of Okraverse. I was going to do a second
podcast this week, or the week just gone, but I've been a little bit busy. There's
been a couple of quite big life changes for me to talk about, one of which I'm going
to say is absolutely massive. So yeah, I'm going to talk about that. Before I do anything
else, let me just sort of get back on with the book that I received, because I'll be
honest with you, I think it's worth talking about. There's a saying, it says here, it
talks about the treatment itself, and it sort of goes through support and everything, which
I'll be honest with you, I think it's well worth having a conversation about, because
if anyone out t

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