S01 E32 - MS awareness month

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
Talking about the booklet I was given at my first Ocrevus treatment. I will discuss the second part of the booklet on my next show.
Mar 26 2023

Hello and welcome to my next podcast. There was no podcast last week. Unfortunately I
wasn't having the best of weeks. So to be fair I just took a bit of a break from it
and see where we went. But welcome back. It's good to be talking to you all again because
I'll be honest I did miss it not recording last week. It was a bit frustrating. But you
know one of those things we sometimes have to push things to one side to allow us the
chance to push forward as a person. For those of you joining me on YouTube I have had an
attempt at actually recording this podcast through an actual proper piece of equipment.
I'll be honest I'm running it through the laptop and I've got a green screen behind
me. I've not done that perfectly I've got to be honest with you. There's a picture of
trees and a bit of

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