S01 E37 - current issues and general chat

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
I discuss what issues I'm having now, some are new and talk about how I'm dealing with them. Discussing our house decorating, Lions Mane mushroom tablets I'm taking to help memory issues and a very quick mention about the whole cost of living issues.
May 15 2023

Hello and welcome back here again, Kamasalo, see how everyone is doing. I must admit, I
say it's, he really is good being back actually recording properly. Those couple of weeks
off was strange, to say the least, very strange. But yeah, I think today, to be honest with
you, I'm going to do a bit of a general update on myself because I've got to be honest with
you, the last couple of days haven't been particularly good days, I have to say. Not
really enjoyed them. Also going to talk a little bit about some of the stuff we've got
going on at home and I've mentioned it previously about doing some decorating and trying to
sort of get ready for a potential move. Yeah, that's in full swing currently. And it's,
there's a lot to think about. Also, I'm going to mention some a bit later, I'll go int

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