S01 E23 - what I'm doing to stay positive

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Update on myself, its not been a good week, lots of pains and a trip to the doctors. Also talking about what I'm doing to keep going as well as a massive thank you to people for all their support.

Jan 16 2023

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Hello and welcome to episode 23. On the show today there's a few bits and pieces I want

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to discuss. Towards the back end of the show, on the last thing, there's a bit of a personal

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thing that I really want to put out. So bear with me on that one. It's going to be somewhat

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a bit different, but something I need to get said. What I would like to do is once again

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say a massive thank you to you all joining me, whether you're new listeners or whether

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you've been with me for a while. I'll say it again, I appreciate each and every one

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of you, thank you. So yeah, on the sh

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