S01 E22 - my new website

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Talking about my new website mikesmsjourney.com and contact email mike@mikesmsjourney.com , please get in touch if you have any questions for me that I can answer on the show. Also an update on myself and talking about my challenge 28 I'm doing for the MS society during February.

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Jan 09 2023

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Hello and welcome to episode 22. I hope the new year started really well for everyone.

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I hope everything seems to be going okay for you and that just things are working out as

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much as they can. On the show today, three things mainly I'm going to talk about. The

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first of which as I always do I'm going to do a little update on myself in all fairness.

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Pretty much is how I start most shows. I'm then going to introduce you all to another

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little project. I've created a website for everything I've got going on and I'll explain

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more later in the show. Also, I know in the

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