S01 E21 - happy new year and my hopes for this year

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Happy New year, update on myself as well as a new poem and talking about my hopes for the coming year.

Jan 01 2023

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Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I've got to start today. First things have

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got to come first, massive Happy New Year. I really hope you've had a good New Year's

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Eve, good New Year's Day and yeah, let's see what this new year brings. But first things

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first, Happy New Year to every single one of you. You've all helped me back ender last

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year an awful lot and I just really hope I'm able to help at least one of you, if not all

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of you. But yeah, Happy New Year. Today on the show, I'm going to talk a little bit today

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about an update on myself. I've also go

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